The Cursed Scars.


With a sudden jerk he woke up, the scars on his body were aching. It was 3 a.m in the morning, he was sweating furiously. Again he saw the same nightmare.

“Don’t know why I’m I seeing it again and again”, he said to himself, “and this pain is just hell”. He went to fetch the medicine to apply on his scars to lighten the pain. 

The scars were on this chest, arms, shoulders and on back. The scars were still fresh like he got them now even though they were, one year old. They were not just any scars, they were the curse which he couldn’t get rid off. 

 Looking at mirror he can see it in his eyes, the fear, the pain. It will never leave him.

He could feel her presence around him. Her eyes still on him, and mocking at him. “She is never going to leave me”, he cried to himself.

“It’s all my fault, my selfishness brought me to what I am suffering”, with saying this he retired to bed back to his nightmare. 

Ode to My Scarf.

Ode to my scarf.

It is always around my neck,
Even though some find it heck,
It is like a glory to my neck,
It’s soft and blue with white stars.

It doesn’t mind what I wear,
Be it a shirt, t-shirt, or kurti,
It becomes trend when I wear.

It is always there like a protector,
From the burning sun,
And from freezing cold.

I don’t need a kerchief,
When I have my scarf.

I feel empty without my scarf,
It is always a pleasure,
To have it around my neck.

A Raging Soul.

Being a meek girl,
She was wandering in the dark, all alone.
With scary scars on her face,
And nightmare in her eyes.
Then people used to ignore her,
But now no one could resist their fear in her presence.
Because now she is a raging soul,
Wandering for her revenge.

21st Century.

A small summary on the things happening around us.

It’s 21st century where,

Commercial advertisements are more entertaining than, movies, serials and reality shows.

Clicking photographs of food for social status is more important than eating them.

Posting the moments for likes on social sites is more important than enjoying them.

Having a short before meal has become important than thanking for the food.

Using slang words is found to be more cooler than using kind words.

Brother/Sister form another mother is more valued than brother/sister form same mother.

Smiles are more genuine in selfies than in real time.

Fake things are more believe than real things.

Machines and devices are more valuable than human life.

Life has become more sarcastic than generous.

Pride has overtaken gratitude.

We are walking from humanity towards inhumanity.

A Walk Along The Horizon.

It is just my imagination. 

I took a walk along the horizon,
Where sky meets the earth,
To see the magic of nature,
It was a long uneven walk.

I felt heaven in their meet,
It was chaotic yet peaceful,
It was agitating yet soothing,
It was cold yet had the warmth,
It was ambiguous yet it gave the clearance.

I never wanted to return from the walk,
I was carving to melt in it’s concoction,
Even after knowing it is all my falsification.

A Chaotic Commotion 

I was sitting still on my terrace in a gloomy night, watching the chaotic commotion on the raod. 

I wonder, from where they came and where they go, what they think, what they feel and what they do. I wished to know it all.

I wonder what does it feel like, to travel along their path in their shoe. Is it painful or is it beautiful. 

For all I only know is, what I feel, what I do and what I think. This is the only thing, I think when I look at them.

Even though we are same in structure but we are all are different, and not connected in any form. Just assuming that we are connected with some materialised fabrics and frequencies.

But the actual connection lies within our heart and mind. And we humans have forgotten this connection long ago, may be when some revolution took place.

So much of hustle and so much bustle. I wonder, why are they in a rush.
From where they came and where they go that’s the only thing they know.

The Forbidden Terrace.

I was all alone at home wondering what to do.
It was raining out, I thought of going to the terrace and exploring it. As I have never been there and It wasn’t any ordinary terrace, it was the forbidden terrace and no one was allowed to enter it. We shifted to this place few months back so this terrace is a mystery for me.

I entered the terrace with excitement, to get some adventurous experience. It was vacant and lonely, with green fungus all over and dirt everywhere as if no has visited it since ages. With the sprinkling rain drops falling on me. I slowly walked towards the edge of the terrace to get the beautiful view from above. As I reached the edge I sensed something moving around behind my back. I was about to turn around to see what was moving, a sudden force pushed me and in a moment of time I was in the air falling down.

With a sudden shock, I was awake only to find my self in my bed. That’s strange I thought. I called for mom, she was in the kitchen cooking something. I was at ease that it was only a dream. A stranger dream which seemed to be real. If it was only a dream how come my body was in pain and there were scars on my leg.

It was still a mystery.

The Cage Of Fear.

We are locked up in the cage of fear,
Fear of losing the race,
Fear of losing money,
Fear of losing shelter,
Fear of losing loved ones,
Fear of getting hurt,
Fear of dying.

But fear is not going to lead us anywhere.
It’s just the evil inside us, dragging us backward when we try to move ahead.

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